BIOA+OE upholds impeccable standards embodying as the only 100% Certified Ecocert® Professional Organic Hair care Brand in the world.

All BIOA+OE products are eco-friendly, organic, innovative and high-performance, incorporating the qualities of medicinal herbs. These originate exclusively from organic farms, thus eliminating superfluous and damaging chemicals, that are widely present in most of the formulas on the market.

The innovative formulas are a result of an extensive scientific research encapsulating Permaculture, Biodynamics, Natural Farming experimenting with organic farming of medicinal herbs as well as Ayurveda hollistic practices. All aiming to bring nature at its best. 

The BIOA+OE research is held under unique laboratory conditions in the heart of the Dolomites, 1000 meters above sea level,  where traditionally growing medicinal herbs is perceived as an expertise for centuries. Such experience at the top of the Alps place its prime element, the Alpine water, with its purity and sensory characteristics,
as fundamental importance to enhance the Active Ingredients in medicinal herbs.


“Everything we eat or put on our body must be healthy and must be produced while respecting nature and all living beings.”